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Sep 222017

From the 2017 ATPA Convention

Opening remarks from the Arkansas Lt. Governor to the Arkansas TEA Party Alliance 2017 Convention attendees at the Little Rock DoubleTree Hilton, on September 16, 2017.

Widely syndicated conservative radio personality, Mike Gallagher, is Keynote Speaker.

U.S. Representative for Arkansas’ 2nd congressional district, French Hill, makes a brief address to attendees.

Will she run for Governor in the next General Election? Evidently with encouragement from supporters, Jan Morgan is giving it serious consideration.

Dan Greenberg – FOR
Joey McCutchen – AGAINST

U.S. Representative for Arkansas’ 4th congressional district Bruce Westerman shares a few thoughts.

Keynote speaker Mike Gallagher (nationally syndicated conservative radio personality) and Dave Elswick (host of “the Answer” on FM 96.5) tackle questions submitted by attendees of the convention.

Discussion of Arkansas legislative issues with three Arkansas legislators engaged in the fight for advancing conservative values in the Arkansas Capitol. Hosted by CONDUIT FOR COMMERCE (

Back by popular demand, Pastor Iverson Jackson concludes the 2017 ATPA convention, delivering a provocative and challenging message to the gathering of Arkansas TEA Party patriots.



Jul 142017

2017 ATPA Convention – Register on Eventbrite


Saturday, September 16, 2017
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

This Year we will be in the “NEW” Robinson Ballroom Overlooking the Arkansas River and DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, 2nd Floor, 424 West Markham, Little Rock, AR 72201

“LIBERTY: Does It Matter?”


National Radio Host heard here on
96.5 The Answer

Also Confirmed Speaker
Pastor Iverson Jackson
(back by popular demand)

Our statewide convention will bring hundreds of Arkansas’s liberty loving citizens together. It will be an exciting day with Educational Break-Out Sessions:

Senate / Representative Legislature Panel
Conduit for Action
Americans for Prosperity-Arkansas
Family Council


Sure to inspire us and give us A Direction for Action.

Make your plans to attend and hear the stories you will want to share with other’s about the way’s we will save LIBERTY in Arkansas.

Get Your Ticket TODAY!

If you’d rather mail a check for $30.00 per person, INCLUDE your email address and cell number with your check !

Arkansas TEA Party Alliance
3 Putter Cove
Sherwood, AR 72120


September 15, 2017
5:30 pm – 9:00 pm
“In The Presidential Suite”
Room 1201
$7.00 per person
Just Bring Cash and Drop It in the Basket
To get up to the 12th Floor call 501-838-6038


Registration required, $30.00 per person.
6′ Skirted Table with 2 chairs will be provided with your Reservation of $125.00 per table.
All tables will have a Arkansas River view.
Located between 2 Breakout Rooms and the “New” Robinson Ballroom.


Special rate of $99 per night

DoubleTree by Hilton
424 West Markham Street
Little Rock, AR 72201

Call 501-372-4371 and tell them your attending the Convention

Jan 042017

Senator Alan Clark was featured guest presenter at the January 3, 2016 Hot Springs Village TEA Party Luncheon Program at Charlie’s Pizza Pub. Hal & Michelle Stanley and attorney Joe Churchwell were also in attendance and participated in the program.

At the request of multiple concerned constituents who contacted him, State Senator Alan Clark became reluctantly involved in looking into the facts surrounding the removal of seven children from the home of Hal & Michelle Stanley in January of 2014. Based on claims made by law enforcement and DHS officials he contacted, he initially believed that the action would likely prove justified. In his efforts to be thorough in investigating the case, however he concluded otherwise. Clark did not take well to the idea of a State Senator being stonewalled by public employees in his quest for relevant information, and in some instances even blatantly lied to. When DHS funding was held up by the State Senate in response, DHS officials become somewhat more cooperative.

Since beginning, Clark reports that he has spent literally hundreds of hours as an individual State Senator investigating the policies and practices of the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) of the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Crimes Against Children Division of the Arkansas State Police (CACD).

The agenda quickly expanded beyond the Stanley Family case as more and more citizens contacted Senator Clark as well as other State Senators and Representatives about DCFS and CACD alleged civil rights violations and other misconduct.

In addition to his individual investigation, Senator Clark has served for the past two years as the Senate Co-Chairman of the Joint Performance Review Committee (JPR) Co-chaired on the House side by Representative Kim Hammer. This joint Senate/House investigative body has served as a powerful tool in compelling public testimony under oath from officials, whether voluntarily or in response to a subpoena.

During Senator Clark’s two-year JPR co-chairmanship ending December 2016, there have been approximately two dozen JPR hearings related to DCFS & CACD legislation, policy and practices, The range of testimony at these hearings has included aggrieved parents & grandparents, various public employees including top DHS, DCFS & State Police officials, experts in various related fields, DHS legal counsels, other lawyers, and at the last December 2016 meeting, circuit judges and an Arkansas Supreme Justice all testifying under oath!

Senator Clark shared about his 2014-2016 JPR experience. Some questions he spoke to included:

  1. Institutional policy improvements ALREADY being made by DHS without new legislation?
  2. Related issues to be addressed legislatively in the upcoming 2017 session by the Arkansas House & Senate?
  3. Needed reforms that he considers highest priority?

Specific reforms being called for by some, include:

  1. An institutional acknowledgement (within DHS-Division of Children and Family Services) of the civil rights of Arkansas families, including respect for the 4th Amendment prohibition against warrantless home intrusions and seizures.
  2. Miranda Warnings to parents by DCFS investigators.
  3. Body-cams on child-welfare workers in their interactions with parents and children.
  4. Referrals for criminal prosecution of those who knowingly make false and malicious child-abuse reports by hotline or otherwise.
  5. End the use of “case confidentiality” to protect child-welfare workers who trample on civil rights and otherwise violate the law.
  6. Strengthen legislation and agency policy prioritizing placement of children removed from parents with caring extended family members, including grandparents, as the preferred option when possible, rather than with strangers.
  7. Change the “Kangaroo Court” system by which investigators can make what they call “true findings” about alleged misconduct of parents in secret proceedings, without the due process afforded citizens for criminal charges, and as a consequence have names added to the State’s Child Central Maltreatment Registry which can result in loss of employment, ineligibility for other employment, social stigma, and other negative consequences.
  8. Improve the current anemic system with it’s inherent conflicts-of-interest that inadequately provides accused parents legal representation … when any is provided at all.
  9. When serious criminal child maltreatment is alleged, officials should file criminal charges as applicable, employing the criminal justice system so that defendants will be entitled to all their civil rights afforded in the U.S. Constitution, rather than be denied those rights in secret civil proceedings. This would include public trial, the right to face accusers, and right to a jury.


Aug 312016

Often referred to as the 1st Lady of the 2nd Amendment, Jan is a Nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate/speaker, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, State Police Certified Concealed Carry Instructor, founder of Armed American Woman, (a national firearms training program for
women) and owner of The Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Hot Springs. You can catch Jan weekly on Fox News/Fox Business Network as an analyst on Gun Rights issues.

Jan 272016
Hope to see you there!!

Make Plans to Gather at the Arkansas State Capitol

Thursday, January 28, 2016

11:00 am – 1:30 pm

The TEA Party Alliance Steering Committee would like to invite each of you to the State Capitol January 28th, 2016.

We will meet in the
Rotunda of the Capitol
11:00 am – NOON

School Choice Rally

#ChooseChoiceAR. Join us for a rally celebrating National School Choice Week at the Arkansas State Capitol on January 28, 2016 from 11am to Noon.  This event is one of over 16,000 events celebrating school choice across the nation.

Students, Parents, and Teachers from around the state are encouraged to show their support for school choice during National School Choice week at a rally hosted by The Reform Alliance.  Speakers include Arkansas Senator A. Clark, Representative D. House, Virginia Waldon Ford, and Arkansas teachers and students.  Let’s take an opportunity to raise our voices in support of success and opportunity for children.  Let’s take the time to thank our legislators for their support for school choice and remind them that there is more work to be done!

The Reform Alliance is dedicated to advocating for school choice and ensuring that all students are provided with the opportunity for success, regardless of their zip code.  

For more information about The Reform Alliance, visit You can also follow us on Facebook @The Reform Alliance or Twitter @1ReformAlliance.

Free School T-Shirts will be passed out. Your personal Rally signs are Welcome and we will have some there for you also.
WE “S-T-A-N-D”…Together!!

12:00 NOON – 1:30 PM
Meeting in the Capitol Cafe’
Lower Level in the Capitol

ATPA Luncheon Meeting

Agenda is:

  • Primary election plans and how we can assist each other
  • Regional Get-to-gathers around the state this spring to advance our support, sharing and education of Tea Parties
  • Discuss the up coming Alliance Convention this August 6th – more details will made available at meeting

Of course we will want to share with one another things that are going on in our areas. These sessions help one another understand how we have succeeded on various matters and share issues that we may need others to hear and hopefully find answers on how to handle more effectively.

Garland County TEA Party
is hosting it’s
1st Patriot Awards Banquet
beginning at 7PM in Hot Spring, AR.
Featured speaker is Jan Morgan, Nationally known Guns Rights conservative.  Tickets are on sale call 501-276-3798 for reservations.

Remember we are Stronger Working Together, while preserving our individual TEA Party traditions, advancing the conservative movement.  We hope you will attend and bring other leaders and members from within you local group with you!


For Liberty !

Arkansas TEA Party Alliance Steering Committee

David Crow
Joanne Filiatreau
Randy Alexander
Dr Jack Sternberg
Barbara Cox
Jeff Oland


Arkansas State Capitol, 500 Woodlane Ave, Little Rock, AR  – View Map